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Acts of Kindness for August 2018

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Leave your waiter a generous tip

Support other local businesses by posting others’ event or deal flyers as well as menu options on a community board


Shovel or sweep your neighbor’s driveway/steps

Clean up around your workplace and offer to help clean a coworker’s area, too


Leave a nice comment on someone’s online post

Use your social platforms to spread positivity – post helpful tips and motivational quotes


Give five genuine compliments to five different people

Learn something new about a coworker or member today


Forgive someone

Try not to complain or use negative words all day – encourage others to spread the positivity with you!


Bring a housewarming gift to a new neighbor

Show a new employee or member around the co-op


Send a funny video or joke to a friend who may be having a hard day

Make someone laugh by telling a funny joke or story


Choose to donate your hair when you get a haircut

Host a “jeans day” where employees can pay to wear jeans to work, and donate the money to a charity of your employees’ choice


Let someone else pick what to watch on T.V.

Give movie tickets to a coworker


Volunteer at a nursing home – have a meal with a resident, sing a song, or lend a listening ear

Go as a group to volunteer at a nursing home – bring board games to play with the residents or host an activity


Teach someone how to cook a healthy meal

Leave healthy recipe cards for people to take home and recreate


Run or walk a race for a good cause

Gather a group to run a charity 5k race


Email an inspiring journalist, blogger, or influencer and thank them for their work

Create a social media campaign to publicly thank your donors/supporters/members


Put a quarter in an expired parking meter

Donate to hurricane relief


Surprise the mailman with hand warmers or a refreshing beverage

Thank your mailman by name & with a baked good!


Send an inspirational quote to a friend

Create a “take what you need”jar – full of inspirational words, thoughts, and quotes


Babysit for free

Offer useful training classes – such as CPR or first aid for members or employees


Offer to give a friend a ride home

Offer to give a coworker a ride to/from work


Learn about a new culture – ask a friend or neighbor to teach you about their native country

Learn to say “ hello” and “thank you” to people in different languages


Give someone a hug

Give someone a high five for a job well done!


Buy someone else an ice cream cone

Take your team out to ice cream – or host an ice cream social!


Offer to carry your neighbor’s groceries to their house

Help a child or older person across the street, or to their car


Bring popsicles and cold drinks to outside workers on a hot day

Have refreshing water available for people working on a hard project


Leave money on a vending machine for the next person

Arrange to pay for the treats in the vending machine today


Wash someone’s car

Hold a carwash, and donate the proceeds to a youth sports team


Offer to take a photo for a couple

Recommend a service or product that would complement a customer’s purchase


Wish someone good luck before a big interview, test, or important event

Ask someone about their weekend, and genuinely engage in their response


Buy flowers to hand out on the street or give to a loved one

Send flowers to a member or employee going through a difficult time


Thank a teacher with a gift and a handwritten note

Create a gratitude journal for members or employees to write encouraging thoughts or stories


Give up a good parking spot

Pay for someone else’s parking


Bring two lunches to work & give one away

Have a potluck lunch – each employee brings a dish to share!


Pay the toll for the person behind you

Organize a carpool to work instead of driving individually


Make someone a playlist of your favorite songs

Connect with co-ops from different sectors in your area & collaborate on how you can help your community together


Throw someone a surprise birthday party

Send members/customers a gift on their birthdays


Send dessert to another table at a restaurant

Hold an office bake sale and donate the money to a good cause

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