Making a Massive Impact on Society

Kindness is built into the Principles that guide all co-ops, credit unions, and mutuals. Join the #Coops4Kindness Challenge to promote Principle 7 as we show support for our communities by sharing our kindness, together!

Cooperatives are in a unique position to have a massive impact on society. There are more than 30 thousand cooperatives, employing more than 2.1 million people, with more than 120 million members in the United States. We are bigger than AARP, the NRA, and the Sierra Club combined!

The #Coops4Kindness Challenge highlights the positive impact that co-ops have on communities by uniting our commitment to building a better world through the cooperative business model. Together, we can influence the direction of our society to become more equitable, humane, and kind.

Show your kindness! Take the #Coops4Kindness pledge and commit to acts of kindness that will make a difference – no matter how small or how large – to those around you.

Cooperatives for a 
Better World

#Coops4Kindness is brought to you by Cooperatives for a Better World. Our organization exists to unite the many cooperative enterprises around the world to strengthen our positive impact. Empowering global communities with ownership and voice in the businesses that shape their lives, the cooperative business model is a mode of sustainable job and wealth creation in today’s society. Our organization seeks to share this story with the world.